Guest Speakers for TEDxECUAD 2019

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We believe everyone has something valuable to say that the world needs to hear. Whether based on your work, experience, observations, something new or surprising, or a fresh take on something familiar, we want to take this opportunity to work with you to craft it into an idea worth spreading on the TEDx stage!

In the coming weeks, we will be holding collaborative workshops where we work together in an accelerated format to identify, hone and develop your idea into a 1-3 minute TEDx Talk in just under 2 hours (with a break) while learning the basis of TED Talks. You don’t need to have ideas before showing up - just your curiosity! If you’re unsure about coming, do it anyway!

Afterwards, around 20 speakers will be selected to finalize and rehearse their scripts during the months leading up to our March 2019 event. They will be presented on the TEDxECUAD stage and published on the TEDx YouTube channel, one of the most watched in the world. The talks will also be considered to feature on TED’s official website, TED.com.

Please sign up for one workshop by clicking below. Workshops are limited to 15 people per slot, and are first come first served. Each person should only attend one workshop and must be present for the full duration. The workshops take place at Emily Carr, and rooms are to be announced. If you cannot make it at these times and really want to participate, please enter your availability and we will try our best to accommodate. See you there!